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Enigma Industrial

Industrial embedded system powered at 24V (range 11-36V) DC with TFT Panel 24bit, RS-232/RS-485, CAN 2.0B, WiFi and double Ethernet and much more!

GSM/GPRS industrial router B-Web


GSM/GPRS industrial router B-Web developed by original HCE Engineering project on the basis of you product idea.

Certifications & Patents

Certifications and Patents We provide support to customers who have entrusted us with the design of their electronic boards for checking compliance of Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive for the final products. We perform tests of pre-compliance on prototyping boards according to technical standards required by the final product. If required we follow the type testing of […]

Control Automation & Graphical User Interfaces

Developing of specific applications and drivers for control automation and graphical user interfaces with the graphic environments QT or VisualStudio.

Cosino Project

All the Cosino Project's CPU modules, carrier boards and peripherals are build for industrial environment and they are born to help developers in reducing time-to-market for all their ideas!

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