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6LoWPan and ZigBee IoT Module

IoT Communications over 2.4GHz ISM band

The WI502 is a sensory node (called Mote or Sensor Node) developed for wireless sensor networks standard IEEE 802.15.4, 6LoWPAN and ZigBee compatible.

The sensors on the card or addable through the expansion connector allow the measurement of different physical parameters to be used in different application fields.

Its internal architecture is well explained in the block diagram below.


Technical specifications

  • CPU SoC Texas Instruments CC2538, Cortex-M3 with 32kB RAM and 512kB flash
  • RF: similar to CC2520 but internal to the SoC, 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4 compatible 6LoWPAN/Zigbee
  • Sensors: Temperature and humidity, luminosity, acceleration over I2C bus
  • Expansions: GPIO and ADC, I2C, SPI, UART, Timer
  • JTAG connection for debugging and reprogramming
  • Lithium battery power supply (battery 3,7V, 3000mAh) with high-efficiency DC/DC converter (95%).
  • Auxiliary power supply and battery recharge through USB connection or external 5VDC
  • Size: 60x50mm


  • Custom firmware with 6LowPAN and ZigBee stack.
  • Contiki OS with 6LowPAN stack, RPL routing protocol, CoAP data transfer protocol and much more.
  • RIOT OS with 6LowPAN stack is also available.
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