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Embedded GNU/Linux solutions

Do you need support for your project?

Engineering HW & SW

One of the main activities of the HCE Engineering is consulting service for the embedded systems industry and professional electronics.

We design systems and specific boards following the development from the idea to the final production, through the design and certification stages.

GNU/Linux Programming

The HCE Engineering’s staff implements programs specifically to solve all the problems inherent in the control automation, remote monitoring and image processing or database management.

We are specialized in the use of GNU/Linux platforms (UNIX programming) and its Real-Time extensions.

We also made graphical interfaces for Gnu/Linux and Windows environments. We can develop general UNIX applications, kernel device drivers and applications for custom cards.

Control Automation

The HCE Engineering’s staff creates applications for control automation using different platforms as x86 (PC), PowerPC, ARM and MIPS adapting the GNU/Linux system to the client’s custom cards.

Realizing embedded computer is our specialty!

HCE Engineering can help the customer to realize their own card and the tools to manage it (toolchain, libraries, etc.) in order to have an embedded environment as similar as possible to a desktop system.

We create systems Debian or OpenWRT/Yocto based.

Cloud & WEB

We can build distributed applications on the Web using technologies that incorporate the use of databases such as MySQL or PostgreSQL for processing, recording and displaing energy, temperature, pressure and other environmental data or other data sources.

We realize remote monitoring systems accessible via WEB brower or tablets/smartphones.

User Interfaces

The graphical user interface has become a basic element of a product success. HCE Engineering performs design and development of complex applications by using QT or VisualStudio platforms for graphical user interfaces that meet the growing expectations of the users.

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Cosino Project

All the Cosino Project's CPU modules, carrier boards and peripherals are build for industrial environment and they are born to help developers in reducing time-to-market for all their ideas!

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