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Simple countdown on terminal

In these days I needed a really simple countdown application and, instead of doing a graphical program, I decided to use Bash and some ASCII-art!

The script

First of all we need a Bash script simulating the countdown. We can do it in multiple ways and below is a possible solution:

The script’s structure is simple and we can see how it works by simply executing it as below:

Now we can enlarge time’s characters by using figlet  utility. This tool reads from stdin (or on the command line) a string and reproduces it on stdout using ASCII-art as below:

The option argument  -f big  it’s used to select larger fonts than the default.

For our purposes we can send the printf ‘s output to figlet and the trick is done!

The result

Below is a screenshot of my terminal where I enlarged my terminal’s font is such a way the time is displayed as a real digital clock.

Below is the complete code of  script:

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